Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sungkey at BCCK

11-09-2009, Friday.

Mimi and Shaf are friends I met thru cyber as we share the same interest, we are Amirul AF4 fans though Shaf was more on being the admin of Amirul forum, a job she took when she was still a student in Japan. She had since moved to Kuching as she is working here now.

Mimi came back to Kuching in May and Borneo Convention Centre Kuching is where she works now. We had made plan to break our fast together before both "balik kampung" for Hari Raya as Shaf is from Kajang, whereas Mimi is from Matu, a small district in Sarawak.

Borneo Convention Centre Kuching or in short BCCK, is not fully operational yet, as some area are still under construction, not the major ones though.

I had asked Shaf to pick me up in the office and she arrive around 5.40pm. We made our way to BCCK and arrive there at around 6 pm. We had hard time looking for parking space as during that time we weren't sure whether the parking space below can be used or not. So I called Mimi and she told us to park at the parking space located at the ground floor.

Mimi met us downstairs and she accompany us to first floor. The funny things is, Shaf noticed Mimi shoes first as she is a fan of shoes.

We made our way up and we asked Mimi is it's okay for us to look around. She brought us to banquet hall which can opened up to accomodate 5,000 guest at one time. On a normal event, the banquet hall can be divided to four hall. There are fourteen meeting rooms and it can accomodate up to 30 peoples at one time.

1) These are meeting rooms no. 2 to 5

2) These are the side entrance to the halls

3) An inside look of the meeting room

4) A very interesting way to break your fast. There are "kurma", prune, pistachio, and etc

5) From another angle

6) Traditional "kuih"

7) Some of the kuih served

8) Chocolate fountain

9) Me, Mimi and Shaf

10) Cakes

11) BCCK name was carved on the watermelon. Food carving techniques which I give my salute to the Chef.

12) Another fruit deco

13) Nice....

14) BCCK (Borneo Convention Centre Kuching)

We went back at 10.30 pm and we are the last guest to leave. Oh well we enjoyed ourselves and I have to say, these two are among those people that I get along well with. I just hope our friendship last forever. InsyaAllah.

Shaf is going back to Kajang on the 16th of September, whereas Mimi is going back to Matu on 18th of September.

We may be having another session next tuesday, but that pending another friend availability to come.

So see ya next time folks.

P/S : Last day for Ramadan Buffet at BCCK is on the 15th of September, so grab the chance to go there k


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Counting days to Hari Raya

Hari raya is just few days away and I bet everyone is busy preparing for it.

Me, no. Seriously NO.. especially this year.

A lot of things happened and it really kills the mood, plus Mom is going to Pahang on the third day of raya. She's celebrating with my aunt, who recently lost her husband to long sickness and to be with my youngest brother as he won't be celebrating with us this year.

Dad as usual, MIA.

It has been 12 years since he left us for another woman. Any other reason for me to celebrate Hari Raya.. I'd say no.

But I'm not stopping you guys out there to celebrate ya...

Let me share with you my favourites Hari raya songs, there are Saloma "Selamat Hari Raya", Aman Shah "Kepulangan Yang Dinanti",Mamat Exist "Ku Pohon Restu Ayah Bonda", Aishah "Pulanglah", Dayangku Intan "Senandung Hari Raya Untukmu", Noorkumalasari "Pulang Di Hari Raya".

See you next entry people..................

Credit to : xBadomx, TrulyUnforgettable for the Youtube link..

Monday, September 7, 2009


Puasa or Posa as Sarawakian would say it..

Some will start berpuasa when they reach 7 years old, some earlier, some later. Me, I can't recall when exactly did I start fasting. I know it is fasting time, when Mom will ask us not to take our usual afternoon bath which we have to take everytime we got back from school. You see, I went to school by truck, police truck to be exact, imagine when everyone is in the truck, OMG, the sweat, the after school smell, mind you, it's not Issey Miyake smell... No... No...

But then, we still have to wash our own uniform eventhough we can't bathe, as we only have one at that time. Oh well, Mom did that on purpose as she doesn't want us to drink while taking our bath..

Pelik right? I always questioned my mom action, WHY???

I can break my fast behind her back anytime... hehehhehe (devil grin)

I did that once. Eksyen nak check air, terus minum, hahahhaha.... but I continue fasting after that (I didn't tell my mom of course)

Anyway... that was ages ago.......

Now, dah besar, dah tua bangka kata orang, surely I won't be doing the "curi-curi minum" right..

I observe fasting month as the best muslim I could, I'm not saying that it is hard to fast, but there are Terms and Conditions tagged to fasting or the only thing we will get at the end of day is just plain hunger and thirst. I don't want that, and I believe you don't want that too right.

Puasa is about cleansing our mind, body and soul.

I used to break my fast in the evening by drinking "tonnes" of water, but now dah insaf... hahha
ne dapat nak makan mun dah kenyang aik nak....

I ran out of ideas dah... see you next entry...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Accident. Almost.

It was raining heavily around 5 something today. Around 5.40pm, I went to my car, start the engine and drive.

But, instead of using my normal route, I used the ones to Rubber road and turn right after the traffic light.

I consider myself a good driver and I trust only my driving ok.

Then it happened.

I was on the Satok bridge, in front of me there's this white kancil, and traffic jam as usual..I had wanted to brake but guess what, instead of stopping I made a 180 degree turn with my car facing the right side (from Satok area).

Luckily I didn't stop in the middle of the double line, it couldn't been worse. Want to know what comes to mind, nothing.

If the car behind me were fast, I won't be telling you this as I will be hospitalised. Alhamdulillah.

I manage to gain my composure, turn my car and drive back home. My hand was shaking all the way but Alhamdulillah it didn't affect my driving.

I have to say I was lucky in the sense that nobody was rushing to go back. Alhamdulillah.

I lost it ...

Lost? What did I lose?

My heart.

I'm heartless guys, I really am.

Sad? What's that?

Well I'm not gon cry,
I'm not gon cry,
I'm not gon shed no tears
No, I'm not gon cry,
it's not the time
cuz you're not worth my tears
Well I'm not gon cry,
I'm not gon cry,
I'm not gon shed no tears
No, I'm not gon cry,
it's not the time,
cuz you're not worth my tears

it actually part of Mary J Blige songs.

But that actually describe me, especially with what is happening then and now.

Happy? Hmmmmm........... I still can feel it, or did I fake it... I don't really know.

I don't think I want to look for my lost heart now, I am in a mission to make things right and I don't need it now.

Explaination is not needed.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Serious thinking...

I had just started my new blog about a week ago. It is called Kakkoii or cool in Japanese language. I had asked my friend who is a lecturer in Unimas for the names, as she went to Japan to study.

It is more for me to do my small business plus, everyone seems to do their business via the internet nowadays. I have to admit, it is the cheapest and easiest. I finally found my business style.

You see, I was in MLM marketing for few years. It was a good company, but I guess I don't really like the ideas of going around town looking for your business prospect aka downline, I'm not saying the product or the business plan sucks but, if I myself CAN'T convince myself, how am I going to convince others to join me as my downline. Most of the times, I don't get the idea at all. That is my perfect melancholy doing their analysing and assessing. Too much sometimes and it gets me nowhere.

However, ever since I got myself a laptop and broadband, I spent most of time in front of my "lappy" browsing. First few month was spent in Facebook, updating status, photos even blogging through Facebook Notes applications. Then, I was not really thinking of starting any business, more on using Facebook to look for old friends.

Now, I know how powerful the internet in helping small business owner to promote and market their products. Imagine this, you don't have to look for shop to display your items, you just need a good digital camera, irregardless what brand, snap2, upload and "walla" you're done. Great isn't it.

I asked for feedback from friends and colleague on how to make my blog interesting. In fact this is a new template, as one of my colleague was mentioned on how dark this blog was then.

Oh well, just for info, this goes to whoever is reading this... Kakkoii!! blog, is not only selling second hand accesories, but soon you will see other cool stuff as well. Just keep on checking the blog ya... I'm telling you, you're gonna loved it.

Got to sign off now. See you guys in my next entry.

Till then

Monday, August 31, 2009

Just a self reminder

Apa yang baik, belum tentu benar.
Apa yang benar, belum tentu baik.
Apa yang bagus, belum tentu berharga.
Apa yang berharga atau berguna, belum tentu bagus.

Fikiran dan mulut merupakan suatu kombinasi.
Semakin banyak kita berbicara tentang diri sendiri,
semakin banyak pula kemungkinan kita untuk berbohong.
Jika kita tidak dapat menjadi orang pandai,
jadilah orang yang baik.
Lidah kita yang menentukan siapa kita.

Jika kejahatan di balas kejahatan, maka itu adalah dendam.
Jika kebaikan dibalas kebaikan itu adalah perkara biasa.
Jika kebaikan dibalas kejahatan, itu adalah zalim.
Tapi jika kejahatan dibalas kebaikan, itu adalah mulia dan terpuji.

Sesungguhnya sebagian perkataan itu ada yang lebih keras dari batu,
lebih tajam dari tusukan jarum, lebih pahit daripada hempedu dan lebih panas daripada bara.
Sesungguhnya hati adalah ladang,
maka tanamlah ia dengan perkataan yang baik,
kerana jika tidak tumbuh semuanya (perkataan yang tidak baik)
nescaya tumbuh sebagiannya.

Iri hati yang ditunjukan kepada seseorang akan melukai diri sendiri.
Kita cuma hidup sekali saja di dunia ini,
tetapi jika kita hidup dengan benar, sekali saja sudah cukup.

Seorang teman sejati akan membuat kita hangat dengan kehadirannya.
Seorang teman adalah yang dapat mendengarkan lagu di dalam hatimu dan akan menyanyikan kembali tatkala kau lupa akan bait-baitnya.
Bertemanlah dengan orang yang suka akan kebenaran.
Dialah hiasan di kala kita senang dan perisai di waktu kita susah.
Tiada seorang pun yang sempurna.
Mereka yang mau belajar dari kesalahan adalah bijak.
Menyedihkan melihat orang berkeras bahawa mereka benar meskipun terbukti salah.

Bila kita mengisi hati kita dengan penyesalan untuk masa lalu dan kekhuatiran untuk masa depan,
kita tak akan memiliki hari ini untuk kita syukuri.

Sekali tidak berhasil bukan bererti gagal selamanya.
Belajarlah dari kesalahan orang lain.
Engkau tidak dapat hidup cukup lama untuk mendapatkan semua itu dari dirimu sendiri.

Smart people learn from their own mistakes.
Smarter people learn from the mistakes of others.
A Champion is someone who always try to get up even when he/she can't.

Ubahlah apa yang masih boleh diubah.
Terimalah apa yang memang sudah tidak boleh diubah.
Hindarkan diri dari perkara-perkara yang berpotensi yang akan mendatangkan perubahan buruk.

Credit to : Zack Zara

Friday, July 31, 2009

Anywhere, everywhere around Kuching

24 July 2009, I went to the AF7 reunion concert rehearsal at Padang Merdeka around 8.45 pm, I was told by my friend that the full dress rehearsal will start at 8 pm. So I went there with my sis, and my two friends. I had wanted to take leave that day, but as the other colleague was on MC while the other one were asked to send her review paper to our HO, I chose to help instead.

As a matter of fact, it was only to photostat all the paper but mind you, one company with four subsidiaries and all are due for their reviews... and we had to make sure that everything is in place, and I mean everything. One thing missing or written wrongly, HO people will "make sure" it will be attended to accordingly. Oh well enough of work, why did I have this blog?? Oh ya.... now I remember..... lets proceed shall we.....

These are some photos taken during the rehearsal....

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Long time ago, before I started working I had all the time in the world, so I go and saw myself a bag. It was made from left over material I got from my aunt, in fact, everything was, the lining is more interesting, it was an old skirt of mine, the flower was from my sis "salwar kameez".

What's make it more special, I hand sawn the bag... Check it out...

Friday, June 19, 2009


25th November, 2009, is the date I'm suppose to get married, but then to who? hahaha...

It's a quiz I answered in FB, and definitely it was so untrue...Not in relationship at this moment, how can it take place even.

Hmmm...serve me right for answering a totally useless quiz.... oh ya while I'm at it, why don't I let you enjoy wedding photos of cousin taken by yours truly...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Qacaq collections

I have been experimenting with photoscape software and I did this just to save my time to upload this precious of mine. My Qacaq collectioon I called them.

The necklace is specially made for me as an early birthday present to myself, why wait, when you can buy your own, plus it was designed according to my special request to them. The necklace is a combination of Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Red Garnet and some other stones.

I started to buy the earrings, then followed by the bracelet and the ring. My next project with the QACAQ creative team is to create for me a matching belt. I just can't wait for it.

Till then, for more of QACAQ collection, please go to www.qacaq.com and you will definitely will not regret your decision. I know I don't.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? ARIL

Being a fan of Akademi Fantasia, I was so shocked with Aril's elimination tonight. He was so good, and the most important thing is that, he sang "Nakal" his way..

Before tonight, I had hope to see him in the final, yup I'm serious. Why? 

Few things...He look good on TV, he got his own style and also a not so annoying attitude for TV show. (Some may agree, some may not, your choice). He may not be a great singer, but he is a GREAT PERFORMER.

But then, throughout AF history, there were few students who are more or less the same like Aril, whereby TV viewers will point out on how the students' voice was not good, on how naughty they are in the diary, etc.... They are in fact denying that they actually love those not so great singers as they know it will be fun to watch them on TV. 

Hmmm.... I still can't except the fact that Aril had been voted out from AF7, Why ARIL?!!!?

Some will blame on Aril's own behaviour... What?!! I don't mind them at all... he was fun to watch. but I know some viewers who already have their favourite student will see him as a threat maybe, I don't know??!!!.  I have eliminate the feelings of favouritism for just one or two student as I want to enjoy the show as it is. 

I do feel sad that Aril is no longer in AF7 ok!!... It's just that I will not let it affect me too much. I used too, it was during AF4, when Amirul was voted out. I was really sad as I know he had shown tremendous progress and to see him leave the show was such  a sad moment for me. I still keep track of Amirul's activity and are happy that he is doing fine.

I hope Aril's fan will not stop voting for other students in AF7, as everyone knows how Aril's is with  his friends. HE LOVED THEM UNCONDITIONALLY. 

There are  a lot of things going through my mind, but I just need to stop, have to send my mom to wedding "kenduri" , got to go to sleep, though I don't know how the diary for week 8 will be without ARIL.

Be the best that you can be ARIL, but most importantly, be YOU...


Monday, April 6, 2009

Hafiz AF7

I wonder if Hafiz can make history by being the first Sarawakian to win Akademi Fantasia. He got all the quality to be one, talent, a likeable personality, and performance wise, he is original, but then again, AF is known for winners determined solely through sms vote. MENAKUTKAN!!!

I talked to Hafiz's cousin today, and we exchange notes on his chances of going to finals and win, hmmm... that would be nice. Anyway, ran out of ideas, will updates this blog again, maybe later...

See ya............

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crazy bout AF? No?

As it is the AF season, and I have nothing interesting on myself to post yet, just wanna write about AF7. Seven (7), is sort of my favourite number, why? I was born on 27th of July, 1973, 27.07.73. Anyway, I really thought last night elimination is really one BIG NO NO. why ZIZI? RUBISA? It should be SIDI, why.... No improvement, serious, he was so in love with his wife till he lost focus on the real reason he wanted to join AF, to gain knowledge (maybe), or just to "test market"... you think.
Ngok lah, his voter, can't you see that he is "dying", literally of course. Better give that spot to more deserving student, like ZIZI or RUBISA. Oh well the voters has spoken. Malas I.
My personal favourite, all the Sarawakians, Aril, Akim and Qhaud. I may be a Sarawakians myself but that doesn't mean that I only vote for them, as in previous years I practice my rights to vote student who deserved my vote, not many, but I like them rite?!. As of now, no vote from me yet as I love to observe, but I promise you, it will be SOON...


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