Tuesday, November 29, 2011

World Walking Day 20-11-2011

I am supposed to do this post first, but apparently, another more interesting topic took centre stage..

Oh well, better late then never. When Ida invited me to join World Walking day in 2010, I had to decline, as at the same time the whole staff (almost) of Corporate Banking were having their "Away Day", though it is more to training than outing, nonetheless, I had fun.

So when she invited me to join for 2011 WWD, I immediately agree. I registered together with my other colleague, but on the actual day, I was all alone, huhu.... none of them turn up...

Did I walk.... No.... But I had other interesting things to do...

Here are some of it...

The crowd

The MC, sorry to say la, he doesn't know how to pull the crowd !!!

Another view of the participants

The VIP on stage, YB Datuk Zulpilip, Ybhg Datuk Abang Wahap, DBKU Mayor

Aku musykil ngan nya tok, mauk sihat ka? mauk tunjuk gelang


Satu lagi....



Alah model


We are the world...

Aikkk... ada drummer sesat, she is Ida's sister

One more shot

Some of the participant who had completed their walk

Hungry.... let's eat

The next photos are unintentional but look at the two boys

Finally... Maggi satu...

Some more arriving

Ida : So?? How was it??

Woman : oklah.. no more kids programme ka? My daughter wants to join ma..

Anyone heard of Finding Morgan ?? I know I don't !

Everybody was so hungry, within minutes, the queue reaches the other side of the tent

The syok sendiri singer, sorry to say.

I spotted a helicopter

Don't ask why I snapped this photo

Ida and her classmate

Till next post...


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