Sunday, December 4, 2011

It was one year ago...

Few close friend who read my first post Too young?? told me to bring him out..to get to know him more...

Too fast....

Yeap... but they meant well.

as usual I would ask Neilly, she said, oh well

Whatsapp message what else

ME : Can I ask you something?
Neilly : Yes
ME : Those who read the blog, ask me to ask S.... out, Not the romantic outing, casual ones..
ME : I find that hard to do, Sik over ka?
Neilly : It depends juak where.. Mun normal place, mbak makan ajak I think should be ok..
ME : Lunch la nak..... But.... I do find it hard to do, plus I don't know how he would react
ME : The reason they ask me to do that is because, at least I can see where it goes, relationship or friendship
ME : For all we know nya alu takut with me
ME : That's the last thing I want to happen
ME : Since you are opening your shop soon and I know he is one of your good staff
Neilly : Why don't you make yourself comfortable with him first then you take him out
I mean you go to S..... selalu, talk to him.. make he feels comfortable talking to you.. then baruk keluar.. Coz he is a very shy guy.. nya ya cepat singkol ngan orang, omce dah comfortable, then baruk senang nak keluar
Neilly : I mean, that's how I look at him lah,
ME : That's why I ask you, you knows him.. I won't rush anyway
Neilly : Then kelak bila kedey dah bukak, makin senang lah you both nak communicate

Then I asked her, whose birthday was it when he send his first salam, she couldn't remember, after which our conversation continued..

ME : Remember I told you, I thought it was a one off crush but knowing nya still ada those crush... I appreciate that
ME :Really...

Okay people, saya tok bukan jenis lemah lembut, I don't fake myself, I consider myself macam singa or lionness, Like me for me, you don't like me, there's the door.

So for someone who had the guts to do what he did, I felt I need to let him know, I appreciate that, that's all

Towards the end of our conversation, I went to check,when, whose birthday and which purple tops I wore..

It was one year ago....

I still believe in not rushing it, age might be catching up on me, but, good things come to those who waits...

So.... till next post

Friday, December 2, 2011

Too young??

Articles on MSN Life & Style dated 27/10/2011 by Zoe Zahra caught my attention.

Are you a puma, a cheetah or a cougar?
We take a look at the latest trend in women dating younger men.

Basically the articles touched on famous celebrity with their younger partner/fiance/husband, and the widest age gap is between Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson, 23 years. As per excerpt form the articles, ""I've got a wonderful woman. I'm an old soul, and she's a young soul."

Woww !!!

Now, where do I begin.

This has been bugging me for almost a month now... I was even asking a fellow blogger to check if the entry is an OK! entry..

Hahahah.... Oh well, read the rest of the entry ok...

Feelings …

Feelings, nothing more than feelings….

I have been in this single status of mine, like, forever, so comfortable until it doesn’t cross my mind at all to look for boyfriend. Fall deeply in love, twice and to be honest, that’s it.

Just recently found out one guy who is way younger….. like VERY YOUNG… has a crush on me.. at first I thought it was a one off feelings, but found out month later, my mere presence still made him all nervous inside.

Perasan ! You might want say, but so was I, not until he go and told his former boss who happened to be my BFF about my presence at his new workplace, a local eatery place serving one of the best ayam penyet in town.

It was afternoon and I was having lunch with my close friend who also happened to be my colleague. After ordering our food, we proceed to take our seat.

Normally, I prefer to sit with my back facing the entrance, as I have the tendencies to check out people who walk in and out of the shop. But on that day, I took a seat facing the entrance, and then I saw him, and I thought, ohh... he looked familiar, AND soon after that I received Whatsapp message from my BFF, and the conversation goes like this :


BFF – babe
ME – Yup
BFF – U at S***** **** is it?
ME – Ya, Y?
BFF – Remember my staff S********?
ME – I thot is was him, haha
BFF – Hehehe, He called me up just now
BFF – Telling me that you are there
ME – Really
BFF – He said nya sik sure you masih ingat dgn nya lagik or not
ME – Bukan nya kerja Pullman ka?
BFF – Kelak you balit you negur nya kelak, nya madah nya nervous!
BFF – Dah resign, while waiting for the shop to buka, nya kerja sia kejap

Then I told my BFF to send my regards to him. Then later in the afternoon, I send my BFF a Whatsapp message asking if she had conveyed my salam, of course she did, then she told me that he mentioned on how embarassed he was when I was there, guess what was the other question,"Do you think she will come here again to eat?" So cute don't you think so... My BFF just reply, how would I know,then he laughed.

So I told my BFF the eatery place he currently working with are favourites among my colleague and myself. They served the best AYAM PENYET.. at least for us.

HAHAHAH... Jackpot!! for who !! Him?? maybe ??

The thoughts of me, making him all nervous was flattering, and I couldn't deny the fact that it made me smile all day. So later in the evening, I called my BFF and asked her more about him, and she mentioned that whenever he message her on things, he would ask (about me) indirectly through her.. I was like, hmmmm.... Okay....

Wow.. hihihihi.....

Oh well let me tell you a secret !
In fact ! he made a bold move months before (or was it nearly a year) by asking my BFF to convey his ‘salam’ to me, when he was still working at her old bakery shop.

Please don't asked me if I remember the exact date? All I can remember was, we were celebrating a friend birthday, when suddenly, my BFF came from behind and tell me "Babe, my staff said " kak, kirim salam ngan orang baju ungu"

I turn my head to see who he was, well being tall, I spot him right away.. Not bad looking okay...

Did I pay attention !!.. Definitely not !!

Being me,and with my URAT INGGA tebal macam Benua Asia.. I was like.. Nahhh... So wrong..


BUT !.....

But after the incident at the shop, I consulted few friends about this, most of them was telling me that there is no harm to going out with younger man, especially the ones who was with me on 01/11/2011.

So, on 02/11/2011, as usual, I send my BFF a Whatsapp message, it goes like this :-

ME : Babe
BFF : Yup
ME : Berapa umo S..... tek?
BFF : 23 0r 24 ?
ME : Bkn younger ka??
BFF : No lah, around dat umor nya
ME : HMMM.... My fren yesterday nanyak, nya itok oii, asked me to proceed
ME : Ada ka patut?
BFF : (Thumbs up sign times 3), Y not..?
ME : Too young la babe, but it got me thinking juak sebenarnya
BFF : Well, looked at Bill... Bahagia juak nya... So...
ME : Bill is Bill
ME : I'm very particular, tho I'm giving it some thots,
ME : AIYAKKK !!!, Bdk2 tu....
BFF : Just follow the flow la
ME : If I'm not mistaken nya thn 90 la babe, ingat sik you ask me to check his a/c
BFF : True, he's budak2 but den again still man thou...
ME : Let me think lok ehhh... Will let you know
BFF : No need to let me know la babe, I'm cool
ME : As a friend ajak to start with
BFF : (Thumbs up sign)
ME : kan I always put barrier, he is your staff
BFF : In the shop yes. But outside he has his own life n I never interfere
ME : I put that barrier !
BFF : Cool

Our conversation ended at 5.31pm

So the next day 03/11/2011, What did I do, I told my BFF to give my phone no to him (ONLY IF HE ASKED ABOUT ME, IF HE ASKED) but found out later she gave it to him anyway, not sporting lah my BFF !! hahaha

Fast forward to 23/11/2011, I posted news on Skuad Harimau Muda on my status in FB, so my BFF saw it and commmented.. But STOP ! why suddenly Skuad harimau muda is the picture..

Keep on reading okay...

"Football: Khairul Wants Players To Forget Last Night's Game
KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 (Bernama) -- Olympic squad captain Khairul Fahmi Che Mat wants players to forget the SEA Games win over Indonesia last night to focus on the Olympic qualifying match against Syria tomorrow...... "

Neilly emmm "apek", eh!! hahahaha.... sound familiar!! hehehehe... u go girl! 23 November at 14:43 · Like
Mona Heppp....hahaha 23 November at 15:59 · Like

According to Neilly, (oooppss... she's the BFF), HE looked like Apek, Malaysian goalkeeper...

So another Whatsapp message coming right up, you might think, why must I type all the Whatsapp conversation?? it's because, I just don't know how to actually transfer the essence of our conversation and convert them into a reading material... haihhh...


ME : I imagine apek tek S..., hahahha
ME : Ada photo team Malaysia rah my PC, huhuhu.....
Neilly : Tapi nang sik dapat deny lah, nang sama muka nya duak !!!
ME : Haha, badan apek tough agik
Neilly : Dah nya main bol...
ME : Sapa tinggi gik, Apek 5'9, haihhhh,... correction 5'9 1/2
Neilly : Errr... Kelak u dirik empun measure ;-)
ME : Pandailah tu, masa nya lom tiba k, hahahahah
Neilly : Soon, tunggu kedei bukak, k... doakan kedei cepat2 bukak
ME : Aikkk... bukan Dec tek... Ntah2 by that time org dah ada GF, hahaha
ME : back to square one
Neilly : Eleh...So ? I dong k, kata baby alisha!! hahahahah
ME : Jgn (ala2 ustazah) biar kita jadi orang baik2 !
Neilly : Old school la you ! hahahhha
ME : Oh well.. tak baik kuciwa ma.... umur banyak busat ohhhh...
Neilly : So...
ME : Mok jd Adibah Noor lok.. Sik mok kawin, haiihhhh
Neilly : hahahah (the topic on Mr S ends at 4:42 pm) then we chit chat some more on other matters


ME : (kimsalam ngan 'Apek' k).... ;-) at 4:49pm
Neilly : of coz I will convey it to him
ME : hahahah.... iboh jak, sian... Let it be ok...
Neilly : Laaa
ME : Kelak over gilak rupa, endak ehhhh
Neilly : U R so typical..
ME : I know, malu la babe....
Neilly : Laaa....
ME : Okaylah, sampey jak..
Neilly : Good girl !!!
ME : Penangan si Apek lah tokk....

Well, people.... on 24/11/2011
ME : Babe, I pas makan di S.... tek... hahah
Neilly : Ada nya sia tek
ME : Ada
Neilly : :-)
ME : Ada sik madah my salam
Neilly : Ada. I sms him last nite.. he replied :-)
ME : Patut kawan angkat mata jak tek.., huahua
Neilly : Really ? Good sign, babe !
ME : Aikk.... sikda cakap pun good sign... I smile jak tek
Neilly : Nembiak ya pemalu sebenarnya.. Masa di kedei dolok i owes negur nya jangan malu gilak esp depan customer masuk, smile I said.. Nya nang penyupan babe
ME : sama lah mek duak, haihhhh...
Neilly : :-)
ME : ohh ya lupak tek, dah dudi bok nya ada raon rah meja you.. curi2 tgk.. haihhh
ME : Perasan lok !!
Neilly : ya nang S... la ya... Nok penyupan ya... Nang apek lah... hahaha
ME : So.. I sik perasan la babe...
Neilly : Just give a bit of response jak la.. not to obvious..
ME : I smile to him lah babe, nak negur nya tek, nya busy...
Neilly : (thumbs up sign)

I am so thankful that Neilly is so patient with me asking, can I say whining !! too...


There's more, woahhh... my longest entry nampak !!

I guess I was already accepting the facts that I want to give this thing a try... but somewhere along the conversation, the uneasiness feeling was taking top place in my mind, body and soul...

ME : Babe, nak cerita bodo bodo lok
ME : Mun dua2 mek tok tek penyupan nak, alu sikda pa pa la babe
ME : hahahah.... Sekian terima kasih
Neilly : Mula2 nang singkol, after dat shud be ok..
ME : Ya.. Bila
ME : Yalah I malas kerjaan tok...
Neilly : Tunggu shop bukak
ME : haha... Bila ?? Eiiii... malas ehhh... really !
Neilly : Lewat juak ehh, 1 more month gik
ME : January !!!, Apek bday 07/01/89... hhahahaha
Neilly : hahaha
ME : Sian juak ngan nya...., Suruh nya carik org lain ehhh..
Neilly : Ok as you wish...
Neilly : No prob
ME : Sori babe, dah nangga muka nya tek, ehhh, pandey kesian.. Don't want to give hope
Neilly : Ok no prob.. Nothin to be sori abt
ME : Now baruk I feel ok babe...

That is not the end yet people....

Oh man.... more !!!

Yup.. bear with me....

I suddenly realise I was asking all the questions, the pros and cons to all the wrong people!

Another friend got married earlier this year, and she is 14 years older than her husband, and they are expecting their first baby in Mid December...

So I called her on 28/11/2011, not comparing the situation but more on how she felt going out with a younger man.

My conscience was then clear, especially when she said, when they first go out, she was not expecting any serious relationship. She took it as another date.

Now at least, I am more relax... I was doing less thinking on how, what , who. etc

I am going to follow the flow..

Oh ya.. there's more.. I'm not done yet...

01/12/2011, me and another BFF who happened to be my colleague too, went to his workplace to eat.. but not before I called him to ask whether the place was full or not (did I put there I called him, oh ya... the day I asked Neilly if she gave my phone number to him, I asked for his number also).

But not before I called Neilly to ask how he is...

Did I called him, of course I did, I was surprised, the conversation was actually smooth, he still call me kakak... I like that... but I can sense he is still nervous..

So when we arrived there, I made a point, I looked for him and order the ayam penyet from him... just to break the ice bah...

We actually were at ease with each other and of course I let him do his work.

Anyway, just before I left, I conveyed to him Neilly's "salam"...

Observation done by my BFF, he is still a bit shy, but more relaxed..

01/12/2011 My Whatsapp message

ME : I send your regard already, babe, at least I can see he is relaxed a bit
Neilly : (Thumbs up sign)
ME : Haha, busy ehhh, at least I also feel relaxed
ME : I was actually finding it easier talking to him tadik, hahah
ME : me and my worry
Neilly : I told you so
ME : Easier also as he still call me kakak, hua hua
Neilly : :-)
ME : One thing for sure, he is polite
Neilly : Well.. all my boys are polite
ME : Good for you babe and tq for listening to my stupid whining
Neilly : Small matter la

So people, if he actually asked me out, should I??


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