Sunday, April 26, 2009

WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? ARIL

Being a fan of Akademi Fantasia, I was so shocked with Aril's elimination tonight. He was so good, and the most important thing is that, he sang "Nakal" his way..

Before tonight, I had hope to see him in the final, yup I'm serious. Why? 

Few things...He look good on TV, he got his own style and also a not so annoying attitude for TV show. (Some may agree, some may not, your choice). He may not be a great singer, but he is a GREAT PERFORMER.

But then, throughout AF history, there were few students who are more or less the same like Aril, whereby TV viewers will point out on how the students' voice was not good, on how naughty they are in the diary, etc.... They are in fact denying that they actually love those not so great singers as they know it will be fun to watch them on TV. 

Hmmm.... I still can't except the fact that Aril had been voted out from AF7, Why ARIL?!!!?

Some will blame on Aril's own behaviour... What?!! I don't mind them at all... he was fun to watch. but I know some viewers who already have their favourite student will see him as a threat maybe, I don't know??!!!.  I have eliminate the feelings of favouritism for just one or two student as I want to enjoy the show as it is. 

I do feel sad that Aril is no longer in AF7 ok!!... It's just that I will not let it affect me too much. I used too, it was during AF4, when Amirul was voted out. I was really sad as I know he had shown tremendous progress and to see him leave the show was such  a sad moment for me. I still keep track of Amirul's activity and are happy that he is doing fine.

I hope Aril's fan will not stop voting for other students in AF7, as everyone knows how Aril's is with  his friends. HE LOVED THEM UNCONDITIONALLY. 

There are  a lot of things going through my mind, but I just need to stop, have to send my mom to wedding "kenduri" , got to go to sleep, though I don't know how the diary for week 8 will be without ARIL.

Be the best that you can be ARIL, but most importantly, be YOU...


Monday, April 6, 2009

Hafiz AF7

I wonder if Hafiz can make history by being the first Sarawakian to win Akademi Fantasia. He got all the quality to be one, talent, a likeable personality, and performance wise, he is original, but then again, AF is known for winners determined solely through sms vote. MENAKUTKAN!!!

I talked to Hafiz's cousin today, and we exchange notes on his chances of going to finals and win, hmmm... that would be nice. Anyway, ran out of ideas, will updates this blog again, maybe later...

See ya............

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crazy bout AF? No?

As it is the AF season, and I have nothing interesting on myself to post yet, just wanna write about AF7. Seven (7), is sort of my favourite number, why? I was born on 27th of July, 1973, 27.07.73. Anyway, I really thought last night elimination is really one BIG NO NO. why ZIZI? RUBISA? It should be SIDI, why.... No improvement, serious, he was so in love with his wife till he lost focus on the real reason he wanted to join AF, to gain knowledge (maybe), or just to "test market"... you think.
Ngok lah, his voter, can't you see that he is "dying", literally of course. Better give that spot to more deserving student, like ZIZI or RUBISA. Oh well the voters has spoken. Malas I.
My personal favourite, all the Sarawakians, Aril, Akim and Qhaud. I may be a Sarawakians myself but that doesn't mean that I only vote for them, as in previous years I practice my rights to vote student who deserved my vote, not many, but I like them rite?!. As of now, no vote from me yet as I love to observe, but I promise you, it will be SOON...


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