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I had mentioned about this things called fandom or Kingdom of fans in my earlier post happy anniversary to elfs all around the world

Now, put aside Kpop, I salute the fandom efforts in showing their loves and supports to their favourite artistes make it solo singers, duets, trio or groups.
Any project involving their favourite artiste, the admins of all active fanbases will, let me say this proudly ---- UNITES, and they will lay out the strategy, whether it is to push the votes in an online contest or a simple poll on various category, for example on who is the fashion icon.

Some of the online contest /polling are listed as below :

There are also fans who donates money to buy rice wreath, either to be send to filming location, press conference or concerts. An excerpt from allkpop.com
“These days, Korean fandoms send ‘rice wreaths’ instead of customary flower bouquets to a celebrity’s event (concert, musical, or press conference) in order to show their support for their favorite stars, http://www.allkpop.com/2011/08/rice-wreaths-indicate-that-k-pop-fandoms-are-becoming-more-mature

It’s not only sending rice wreath but there are the fans who supported charity/donation drive for example : an excerpt from gokpop.com “Super Junior's Choi Siwon and his fans manage to raise US$6,500 for West Africa. You can read further here http://www.gokpop.com/news/siwon-raises-us6-500-for-3rd-waves-project-with-the-help-of-fans::11485.html

The latest example of what this fans are willing to do is in conjuction with Kim Ryeowook or Ryeowook of Super Junior upcoming birthday 21/06, Thai ELFs has donated a baby giraffe to Dusit Zoo in Bangkok Thailand (source Ryeowook twitter @ryeong9)

Now, I don’t see that happening in that scale especially not in my own country, Malaysia.
You see there is nothing this fandoms will not do for their favourite artistes / group The sense of belonging this fans has to their fandom can beat those of political parties, and they (the political party) should be ashamed as they are not able to pull such act.

I am a proud ELF, I may not be one from the beginning but I know one thing for sure, once a fan will always remain a fan. ELF or Everlasting Friends, a beautiful name indeed, everyone is Super Junior everlasting friends.

They even wrote a song to ELFs and it is titled “Sapphire Blue – (Sowuhni Innayo)” this is because the official colour for us ELF is Sapphire Blue and it was featured in their second album “Don’t Don”.
There are also fans who wrote song to their artistes/group to show gratitude, such in a case of 2PM. Their fans had re-written one of 2PM song titled “Thank You” which was originally written to say thanks to their legion of fans but it was dedicated back to them by their fans.

Their fans was singing the re-written version to them during one of their concerts in Korea. Each and every one of the group members was in tears, fans included.

It was posted in YOUTUBE which was a combination of fans cam and cuts from 2PM’s DSCS DVD  and for someone who is not in 2PM fandom, I cried, yup !!, I did !!. It was beautifully written and again, I would like to give my utmost respect to whoever was writing it. (I managed to watch it back in March 2012 but the the vids are no longer available though)

As for other fandoms, I don’t really know much about them, but, I believe we share the same passion, same love to our favourite artistes/groups.

What is so unique about this things called fandom is, the fans come from all over the world.
Fans from all over the world !! Let us be realistic here, these are people who are connected to internet,  they are working adult, university / college students, secondary even primary school children.
Those who happened to be online, will go to all possible web link related to their favourite artistes and start to update each other and really, news travel faster especially when we mentioned the magical word called TWITTER.

During my teens years, those artistes from Hong Kong were the ones me and my friends go crazy about. Names like Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, group like Grasshopper, Beyond and few others. And during our times, there are no facebook, no twitter, our source of info was an imported Chinese magazine, and we had to get our classmate/schoolmate to translate to us on the articles.

Favourite words, khau meng ahhh, toum chu, sek fan and others cantonese words, mind you, I was in Sibu and “national” language there is Foochow.. But I did not take the time to learn  Foochow dialect as I was so engrossed with all things Cantonese.. Ahaks…

Fast forward to 2012, I am amazed at the amount of knowledge this new breed of teenagers had in their “hands” on their favourite artistes /group. You can get an update as soon as their favourite artistes arrived at the airport few days before concerts or even before the drama or film starts shooting.
Even while the artistes was having break, the fans manage to snap one or two photos and update it in their twitter for other fans to see… And I mean, for fans all around the world..


But, even though they are willing to share information, there are times, they will “fight” especially when one claim it was originally their info and no proper credit was given by the other fan base. BUT!! that doesn’t happened all the times as at the end of day, their unconditional love to their favourite artistes / group will stop the ‘fight” from continuing.

Fan base or individuals fans, these are the people who make up the fandoms and they literally eat, drink and breathe their favourites artistes / group.

Ohhh… before I forget.

I have some exciting info to share – my boys are preparing for their 6th full studio album, and hopefully it will be before Super Junior leader, Leeteuk serve in Military for 24 month, a must  for all South Korean male.

No confirmation on the actual date as most fan base are going back and forth with both confirmed and unconfirmed info on the album release.

For the past few days, esp today 19.06.2012,they are tweeting about the boys done with their MV filming and there are also information on Kangin resuming his role as one of Super Junior member after his release from his Military duty on 16.04.2012.


There are more… it is an ongoing process, so there are no END but AND..

So till next posting…


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy anniversary to ELFs all around the world

Today is 02/06/2012, it is the 6th anniversary for ELF.. Ohh no, there are not at all related to the ELF in Lord of the Ring trilogy.

ELF stands for Everlasting Friends,and they are Super Junior fans. Fanclub as most of you guys would called it but no, it's known amongst those kpoppers as fandom. Sounded very much like kingdom of fans, don't you think so.

This posting is dedicated to ELFs around the world for being so united, and we are talking about those ELF who are from Korea, China,Japan,Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam,Australia, The Philipines, Singapore, Indonesia, Negara Brunei Darussalam, North &South America, England, Paris, probably the whole of Europe, Russia and of course my own country, Malaysia. Country mentioned are those that I know are having fanbases and a very active ones with admins from all over. No kidding guys..

They used all popular social networking site, to update each other with news related to everything Super Junior. The most popular ones are Twitter, Facebook. There are also Tumblr, Wordpress, Weibo, Cyworld too.

The extensive knowledge they possessed about all things Super Junior, made me, one of the newbie felt like I had known the group from their debut days.

I laughed, I cried reading blogs posting dedicated to the Super guys. To be honest there might be grammar mistakes here and there, but do I care !! NO!!

Their loves to Super Junior surpasses language barrier, different culture even religion. They also have utmost respect to one another, they share information, they share photos (though stamped with water mark) yet, they still share it to the rest of their fellow ELFs around the world.

They even know the schedule of Super Junior group members, make it drama, variety and radio show.

Now guys, I asked you, don't you think ELFs daebak.. Yup.. they are, and I must say that I am proud to be one of them.

Before I ends this, if you are a new fan of Group Super Junior , you are going to fall so much in love with them, you need ELF to be our oxygen. No joke.

Happy 6th anniversary to ELFs. Proud to be on this kingdom of fans, proud to be in the family.

P/s : If you have Twitter, pls follow Super Junior member @siwon407, @henrylau89, @Heedictator, @ryeong9, @shfly3424, @ikmubmik, @ShinsFriends, @ special1004, @donghae861015, @GaemGyu, @Himsenkangin, @AllRiseSilver @imSMI

Also, please follow @Sup3rJunior, @EverlastingFans, @MalaysiaELF, @Minnieblues, @TwELFs, @WorldWideELFs @CassieJunior.. trust me, there are more.. but I wouldn't want to jam packed your brain with all things ELFs and Super Junior in one posting.

There are more to come... till then... Happy reading


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